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Dermaplaning Facial at Paradise Beauty Salon Tralee

So what is Dermaplaning I hear you ask? Darmaplaning is a facial treatment that has been growing in popularity in recent times and we are delighted to be now offering in our beatuy Salon in Tralee. In simple terms it’s an exfoliation treatment but for the benefits are much more than just exfoliation! For me my skin has uneven texture and this helps massively, because you are removing the top layer of dead skin I find that my products really soak into my skin instead of just sitting on top. The other benefit is that it removes all the velous hairs from the face (also knows as peach fuzz) . This means that your makeup sits way better on the skin.


One of the first questions we are always asked in our beauty salon in Tralee is “will my facial hair not grow back thicker/ coarser?” The answer to that is no! Your hair grows back and looks exactly the same as before the treatment.

So what’s involved:

1. We start with a double cleanse, using the REN cleanser most suited to your skin type

2.We add a layer of facial oil and we then use a scalpel to remove dead skin and peach fuzz all the while making sure the skin stays hydrated and the blade moves easily over the skin

3. We then add a mask again based on your skin type and concerns

4.If needed we then add a moisturiser or serum to make sure you leave beautifully glowing and hydrated


Below is a video of this treatment in action in our Beauty Salon in Tralee

We can’t wait to see you in our Beauty Salon in the heart of Tralee for this fabulous treatment

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