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About our facials

Dibi milano is an award winning skincare brand and is the leading cosmeceutical brand in italy. Once you have used their products it is clear to see why. The dibi milano brand combines creativity, science and innovation to give clinically proven, cosmeceutical skincare products and so far our clients are absolutely loving it – the feedback from those who have started using the products is fantastic!

At paradise hair & beauty we strongly believe that combining in-clinic facial treatments with home care products, individually chosen to suit your specific needs, will help you to reach and maintain your skin goals. Each dibi milano product line has a corresponding facial treatment so if you really want to turbo charge your skincare regime then we recommend dibi milano skincare products are used alongside a regular dibi milano facial. But which facial treatment is right for you? This guide will give you an idea but don’t worry if you are still unsure as our staff will be able to analyse and assess your skin using our analyser to make sure you get the perfect treatment.

Our meciet skin anlyser will give a significantly improved experience for aesthetic and skin care consultations.
The analyser will shoot 5 polarised images giving 10 different results using unique ultrasound technology, creating sound waves and alternating currents to detect oil, water, collagen production, wrinkles, bacteria and sensitivity levels within the skin.

Face Perfection

AGE: 20+
SKIN TYPE: All Skin Types

Face perfection is suitable for all skin types in need of nourishment and includes a highly effective enzymatic peel which eliminates dead skin cells and unblocks pores for an immediately brighter and smoother appearance. This is followed by a biomechanical reactivating scrub, and a restorative cream mask which includes a unique lacto-probiotic which strengthens the skins natural barrier, as well as hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin, and shea butter to nourish and soften the skin. The result is beautifully bright, soft supple skin which looks nourished and healthy.

30 MINUTES – €55

Calm Perfection

AGE: All Ages
SKIN TYPE: Sensitive Skin, Rosacea, Eczema

The calm perfection facial is aimed at providing immediate comfort to sensitive skin in need of soothing. It is suitable for skin that’s sensitive, intolerant and which tends to react to treatments and products. This facial is aimed at repairing the skin’s natural barrier which will help its natural defences and includes specialist masks to improve surface microcirculation, reduce and prevent redness for protected, less reactive skin. The result is skin that feels soothed and is less reactive with a reduction in redness and inflammation.

45 MINUTES – €60

Pure Equaliser

AGE: All Ages
SKIN TYPE: Oily And Impure Skin Prone To Acne

The pure equaliser facial treats combination, oily and impure skin that is prone to acne in a targeted and differentiated way (because not all imperfections are the same). The extreme purity mud mask includes nourishing wheat germ oil and allantoin to sooth and protect inflamed skin and also deeply cleanses the pores and rebalances the skins microbial flora, reducing acne bacteria. The mattifying biocellulose mask rebalances sebum production, decongests pores and refines the skin’s texture. The results are minimised pores, reduced inflammation and a calmer, smoother complexion.

60 MINUTES – €65

White Science

AGE: All Ages
SKIN TYPE: – Hyperpigmentation, Irregular Skin Colour, Dull-looking Complexion And Acne Scarring

The White Science Facial Is For Dull And Pigmented Skin. It Helps To Slow Down The Formation Of Melanin And Prevents Further Pigmentation Whilst Brightening The Skin For A Radiant Glow. This Facial Uses A Unique White Science Mask And Is Finished Off With A Glycolic Acid Cream To Speed Up Cell Turnover For A Brighter Complexion.the Results Are A Brighter Complexion With A Reduction In Pigmentation (Though To See The Best Pigmentation Reduction A Course Of 5 Treatments Is Recommended Alongside Home Care Products).

60 MINUTES – €75

Hydra Perfection

AGE: 30+
SKIN TYPE: Dry And Dehydrated Skin

The Hydra Perfection Facial Is For Skin That Feels Tight And Dry And In Need Of Some Extreme Moisturisation. The Facial Includes A Biorevitalising Treatment To Stimulate The Skin’s Own Moisturising Capabilities And An Extreme Moisturising Mask To Flood The Skin With Powerful Hyaluronic Acid Which Hydrates Even The Deepest Layers. Contains A Host Of Hydrating And Nourishing Ingredients To Leave The Skin Perfectly Moisturised, Nourished And Glowing With Health.

60 MINUTES – €75

Lift Creator

AGE: 30+
SKIN TYPE: Mature Skin In Need Of Lifting And Smoothing

The lift creator is a rejuvenating, lifting treatment that targets skin laxity to firm and tighten sagging skin. It floods the skin with hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin boosters and vitamins. Vitamin e is used for its anti-oxidant properties whilst silk tree extract lifts the eye contour and reduces puffy eyes and minimises dark circles. Vitamin a is well known for its anti-aging properties and encourages healthy skin cell production. The result is a lifted more youthful appearance. For best results we recommend a course of 5 treatments over 5 weeks.

60 MINUTES – €85

Age Method

AGE: 40+
SKIN TYPE: Suitable For All Skin Types Especially During Peri-menopause And Menopause

The age method facial is inspired by the science of genetics and is specifically designed for menopausal and hormonal skin. It reconstructs the skin and protects against damage caused by hormonal ageing. It is highly nourishing and will help to minimise expression lines and deep wrinkles whilst strengthening the structure of the skin. Tetrapeptide 5 is used to stimulate collagen production whilst the alginate mask has powerful purifying properties and the sugar complex boosts the natural moisture of the skin.

60 MINUTES – €85

Acid Infusion

The dibi milano acid infusion is perfect for men and women of all ages and all skin types. Whether you want to freshen up your skin, combat facial lines, even out skin tone or fight uv damage the acid infusion is your new best friend.
The beauty of the acid infusion is it’s ability to renew and improve the skin without any downtime so it’s perfect if you have a busy lifestyle. For optimum results we recommend a course of 3 treatments (once a week) in conjunction with the acid infusion no-age bioactivating treatment (14 day at-home programme).

Dibi milano acid infusion is a unique skin peel treatment which rejuvenates the skin through it’s bioactivating action. This treatment works on different layers to stimulate renewal and collagen and reduce the sign of ageing and uv damage.

Acid infusion has a winning combination of dermo-active ingredients in the formula:

Phytic acid – removes dead skin cells and brightening skin
Pyruvic acid – fights uv damage, hydrates and reduces acne
Retinol – smooths skin, stimulates collagen renewal, fights acne and hyperpigmentation
Ferulic acid – a powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory
Ellagic acid – antioxidant, brightens skin, lightens pigmentation
Vitamin c – powerful antioxidant and skin brightener
The dibi milano acid infusion is clinically proven and delivers unbeatable results, especially when combined with the acid infusion home products.
60 minutes – €85
Special offer – 3 facials and all take home products – €450
5 facials for the price of 4 – book and pay for course of 5 facials and get one free plus 10% off any skincare purchase