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Paradise Hair & Beauty

Hair Styling in Paradise – Salon in the heart of Tralee Paradise Hair and Beauty Salon

Prepare to simply relax, lay back, close your eyes and have professionals at Paradise take care of you, in ways that will make you feel like a true diva and let your inner beauty finally shine through! At Paradise Hair and Beauty Salon Tralee, we strive to make your experience most enjoyable, relaxing, memorable, and worthy of your time, offering top-notch quality of services and variety of beauty treatments and hair stylings.

In the heart of Tralee town, experts at Paradise Hair and Beauty will welcome you with impeccable hospitality and a smile on our faces, giving you an impression like you’re home and giving you a feeling you’re being cared for, offering most personalized care and attention devoted only to you. Our team of professionals is absolutely committed to offering only the best quality of beauty services,

Our Hairdresser specializes in blonde hair styling and care. We are constantly striving to better our skills through improved trainings and continuing practices, having driven and hard-working professionals take your hair to a whole new level and give you results you would simply be in love with!

Paradise is a hair and beauty salon Tralee like no other – with an exclusive array of the greatest beauty products, most driven and exceptional stylists, and a soothing, relaxing and laid-back atmosphere – being truly a place of your own paradise to create an unparalleled experience and offer care, nourishment and joy you would absolutely adore. Whether you are looking for a quick facial treatment, hair restyling, breathtaking makeup for a true diva, simple nail polishing, extensions of any kind, cutting-edge hairstyles or more natural and multidimensional balayage styling – we are there to make it all happen, devoting our time fully to you.

Blonde hair is our area of expertise, but we offer a wide range of other hair services including hair styling, cuts, color corrections, hair treatments and so much more. Whether you simply wish to find someone to keep up your signature style and give final retouch to your hair, or awaken your inner diva and lift her up with new alluring, cutting-edge hairstyle you just discovered and absolutely fell in love with at first sight, our stylist in Paradise Hair and Beauty Tralee will make it happen and take your hair to a whole new level, with personalized care, nourishment and treatment. You will walk out the door after your appointment with us looking like the best possible version of you – with a smile on your face and confidence in your walk, loving the new version of your looks you just discovered the true potentials of.

If you are a blonde walking down the streets of Tralee town looking to retouch or restyle your hair, whether it’s simply a quick blow dry or a whole new beachy look with intense highlights, multidimensional balayage hairstyle or an amazing root melt with glaze that would add depth to both your looks and your personality, give us a quick visit, as we offer a whole range of blonde techniques and make sure your hair, whether it’s permanent or semi-permanent blonde color, gets the best possible care it truly deserves.


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